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her renovate or s■et up at least ◆five to six● such mega store■s in major cities, ●including Beijing an◆d Shanghai.Besi●des, the compan■y intends to ○build such out○lets in the sec〓ond- and thir■d-tier cities as we■ll

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, He said.The● rest of Gome'◆s stores wo■uld be converted in〓to flagshi〓p and community ■stores that respec○tively sell 3C (com●puter, communi○cations and consume●r electronics) prod◆uc

ts and small hou◆sehold appl●iances, both

○of which are ex◆pected to result in● higher profi◆tability.The


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●firm is also○ planning to c〓ome up with a n〓ew logo soon■, whi

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on the Gome brand■.Gome has been○ on a network ex〓pansion spree. ■By

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29May, 2012

the end 〓of 2008, Gome ha○d 1,350 store■s nationwide, mo●re than nea〓rest competitor S○uning Appliances'● 850 outlets.But e○arly th

21May, 2012

is y○ear, Gome an◆nounced that th●ere would b■e no change in the n◆umber of it〓s stores in 2009. ●Gome said it ◆would close 1◆00 unqualif

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